Our biggest and most varied class is, of course, our after-school kids! Here, kids from kindergarten all the way to the day of their 13th birthday (that’s about 7 years!) come to be the best students they can possibly be. After school, teachers pick up students from local schools and bring them to our classroom, where they’ll have snack, do their homework, and play games with each other and with teachers.

This award winning classroom actually houses two programs: our tutoring program, and our full care program. Students enrolled in full care can come all day, even on days when they don’t have school! There will always be meals for them, including breakfast and lunch on days when their schools are closed.

The tutoring program is a more limited version of the program; students receive the same great homework help, afternoon snack, and access to extracurricular activities that full-time student receive. The only difference is that if school is out that day, they can’t come to us for the whole day; they’ll have to stay home.

Our school-age teacher-to-student ratio is 1:10; growing kids need their space too!