Enrollment Procedure

All children must be pre-registered prior to attending the center. The following forms – contained in the Registration Packet – must be completed prior to enrollment.

  • Basic Information Form—child’s name and DOB, parent’s contact info
  • Enrollment Application Form – fully completed including two persons authorized for pick up.
  • Medical Record – immunizations must be current for the jurisdiction where the Center is located. The certificate must be signed by a physician and updated as necessary.
  • Emergency Contact Information Form – name and phone numbers.
  • Authorization for Child’s Emergency Medical Treatment Form
  • Parents and Custody Form – signed by both parents or guardians.
  • Enrollment Agreement Form

All required documentations and fee arrangement must be completed prior to the child/ren’s first day of attendance.

For more information, assistance, or to obtain the enrollment packet, please call, email, or use the form below.



Olympik Tots Center is an equal opportunity provider and employer. We accept applications for enrollment and employment without regard to races, religions, creeds, genders, national origins, and/or disabilities.

    • Enrollment Form

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